Thursday, May 18, 2017

Understanding Liberal Mania & Psychosis


by Tom Wise

You may think it is difficult to understand the liberal mindset, but it’s not.
While you struggle to understand liberals, they make no such effort to understand you, but only PRETEND to do so.
When you make salient and sane points, they come at it like a shark on chum rather than Aristotle to a puzzle.
When you try to attach yourself to their point of view, they detach to icy distraction.

Dealing with liberals is therefore the same as dealing with children, drunks, or former girlfriends.
It is an exercise in futility which will not educate either or you.
Nor will it provide any satisfaction.
As soon as you believe you’ve made your point, they will act as if you never spoke.
As soon as you ask for proof, they will storm off.

Do you understand yet?
You can only deal with liberals when you do not take them seriously.
This sounds easy but it is difficult for the average conservative who desires to deal in fairness when arguing.
Unlike the liberal who CLAIMS to be fair, the conservative IS fair – to a fault.
Your trust is misplaced in the liberal.
They will not play fair, be compassionate, behave civilly, or do any of the other things they claim to believe in.
They cannot, because they don’t know how.
They only know how to DEMAND that YOU be fair, compassionate, and civil.

This leads us to the two rules of understanding liberals:

The first rule is:
What is projection?
Essentially, it is blaming someone else for what you’ve done.
Or, it is placing attributes of your own on someone else, for vicarious or nefarious reasons.
With the liberals, they project for one main reason:
They don’t know how to take blame or responsibility for their actions.

Often you will hear a liberal say, “This is the fault of the Republicans” without any reservation or compromise.
In fact, “compromise” to a liberal is when you move forward a step and they stay put – or even move a step back!
When you hesitate, they accuse you of “obstruction” or “xenophobia” or some other name-calling designed to confuse you.
Yes, they want you confused so they can continue on in their insanity.
Misery loves company.
Why should THEY stand in one place and take the blame for what they’ve done when they have YOU to drag into it?
Better yet, drag you in, throw mud at you, and walk away with a smug look, as you stammer and sputter.

Sound familiar?
It should be.
It is an old tactic used by one sibling to blame the other sibling, to avoid punishment of any kind.
People who commit crimes, and who hurt people willingly, use this tactic also.
They justify their actions by saying the other person deserved it.
“If only you hadn’t done such-and-such, I wouldn’t have done these things.”

There is no confession from a liberal, and no responsibility taken.
They will blame everything except themselves.
If they blamed themselves, they would have to change.
Why would liberals NOT want to change?
A few reasons.
Mainly, however, they do not believe they are wrong about anything.
This is a psychosis which stems from their neurosis.
They believe they are better than you because they cannot admit they are wrong.
Megalomania is one of the outward symptoms of this psychosis.
They hold themselves up as the “only ones” who have done right, or who can fix things.
Another symptom of their psychosis is to attack, because it’s easier to cause more trouble than to fix the current trouble.

The second rule of understanding liberals is:
Communism famously cries, “Seize the means of production!”
This means, TAKE what has already been constructed from those who made it.
They want to seize from you and use this plunder to fund their utopian goals.
Consequently, liberals are notorious tax-and-spenders.
They see your labor as a cheese-pot from which they can ladle out goodies to others.
Many reasons:
(a) Their ideas are so pie-in-the-sky and horrible that they cannot be sufficiently funded voluntarily.
(b) They wish to corrupt a populace with the goodies, for dependency and to send votes in their direction.
(c) They LIKE the POWER of doing it.

Liberal TAKE ideas and destroy them.
They take inner cities and make them hellholes of poverty and crime.
They infuse money without accountability.
They deter police from doing their job.
They rabble-rouse the worst elements.

They also destroy ideas for fun.
Unlike conservatives, who honestly debate, a main goal of the liberal is to stop opposing views.
Because their views are generally unworkable, too costly, and many times insane.
Unlike conservatives, who will listen to reason concerning criticism, liberals do not.
They believe they are always right, remember?
If you try to work with their ideas, they accuse you of sabotage and obstructionism.
If their ideas fail, they accuse their opposition of RACISM, or rigging, to name two things.

Liberals also steal good ideas so they can claim these good and valid ideas as THEIRS.
They claim to have invented the public library, but this is not true.
They claim to have invented governmental charity or benefits, but this is not true.
If a liberal HAS invented something useful and affordable, it is rare.
And no, I will not “produce the evidence” because we ALREADY know this to be true and they will NEVER admit it to be true!

And, at heart, this is what hurts liberals the most.
They know we see them for what they are.
People who say one thing and do another.
People who say “trust us” and then betray that trust at the deepest levels.
People who say they are for good and right, and then indulge in the worst types of corruption and debasement.
People who say they will help and never harm, then turn around and claim their failures are the fault of others.

So if you debate a liberal, be aware that 99 times out of 100 you will not win in any permanent way.
You will not find common ground that does not disappear soon enough.
You will not find an ally you can trust, but rather a snake who will use your words and feelings against you.

Conservatives MUST understand that to trust a liberal is the same as putting your hand into an open flame.
You are deliberately and consciously asking to be burned.

What is the solution?
Essentially, conservatives must band together to defeat liberals ALWAYS.
They should be defeated at the polls and be withheld from public office as often as possible.
This means more passionate conservatives need to become active, and run for office.
Liberal voices must be kept to the outskirts, where they can offer their “ideas” from a safe distance.
Sensible conservative voices must drown out the utopian nonsense of the average liberal.
And forceful conservatives must learn to hit hard and not be too civil in discourse.
Weak discourse leads to liberals taking office!

This article is designed to be a short course in defending yourself from the mental and emotional harm in dealing with liberals.
I hope in that respect I’ve opened a few eyes and motivated a few conservatives to run for office.