Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Why We Used to Like Mitt Romney

What was it about Mitt Romney we liked?

For me, it was the easy smile, the relaxed gesture, the firm handshake, the stable haircut. He was likable and consistently so, non-threatening and able to make even his liberal-leaning platforms seem plausible. But something changed.

During an interview November 29 with Bret Baer of Fox News, Mitt became agitated while receiving for the millionth time a question regarding "Romneycare." By itself, this means nothing. However, Baer reported to Bill O'Reilly that after the interview Mitt came to Baer and complained that the interview had been too aggressive. I don't know about you but this makes me shudder.

The end game we all fear, as it concerns our nation, is a tyranny. Such a terrifying scenario must include a leader who is delicate and egocentric. With Barack Obama, our country is in peril, gripped by a megalomaniac. The rumblings for this were self-evident during the 2007-2008 campaign season, when Obama and his team used such tactics as denying entry to certain reporters and punishing others for their questions. In other words, the precedent for recognizing a tyrant is already set.

Mitt, unfortunately, chose to either play that game or show his cards. It's not that he aired his frustration. It's not that he didn't have a legitimate complaint, having responded to that same question over and over. But once a candidate identifies himself as more conservative than not, he or she surrenders the right to be offended by anything less than the equivalent of a nuclear bomb. This is why we may forgive Herman Cain and Michelle Bachmann for their respective attacks against a hostile media (in most recent incidents, Cain vs. unproven allegations, Bachmann vs. Jimmy Fallon). They were set ablaze, strafed. Mitt was grazed, and he groused without apology for his outburst.

To me, this separates the conservatives from the liberals. Conservatives already ought to have a hardened shell against any media barrage. And for Pete's sake, it was Fox News! That Mitt felt attacked by those who actually support him does not bode well for his future temperament.

Therefore, to nip this in the bud, I must eliminate Romney from my top tier.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

War-Gaming the Cain War

Something is rotten in Denmark.

Let's say the Herman Cain story is true. This means as a moral people we should move away from Cain. Not because it's true but because he denied it. BUT... have you noticed that as Republicans have lost a little zeal for Cain, the media has begun to bash the Republicans. Yes, that's right. If the story is true and Republicans don't turn away from Cain, the media will make Republicans to be slime. However, if the story is true and Republicans DO turn away from Cain, the media will make Republicans to be capricious and - yep, you guessed it - racist.

It's already happening. Have you heard the little tirade where a certain reporter suggests that Republicans are afraid of a black man's "predatory sexuality"? What does that mean? It means that all of a sudden the media is shifting ever so slightly towards Cain, ready to pounce on the fair-weather friendliness of Republicans. The media has already won.

Let's say the Herman Cain story is false. The mere fact that some Republicans began to turn from Cain writes the same story.

"But... but," you protest, "The media TOLD us that Herman Cain was to be avoided. They certainly can't criticize us when we do what it is they trumpeted we ought to do." Oh, really? You mean the media can't play both sides at the same time, then attack the very conclusion that they themselves drew?

Let me tell you - not only will the media dig up the dirt, fabricate the story, push the witnesses to come forward, promise them treats if they spill their guts, and vomit the concoction all over everyone - they will also destroy the witnesses (as soon as they're finished), refute that they ever told such a story, attack anyone who says otherwise, and attack anyone who believed it in the first place. And that's if the story is TRUE!

If it's false, they will also make sure to cry "hypocrite!" to anyone who would hang the cross of blame onto them, associate those people with right-wing conspiracies, and ultimately make everyone look like a kook.

Consider the "birther" issue. Who started it? Hillary Clinton. Who took the blame? Right-wing conspiracy. Who made the transition? The media.

So, it doesn't matter to the media whether the Cain story originated with the Left, the Right, or the media itself. Eventually, they plan to take down not Cain, but the entire Republican Party, the Tea Party, and any black person who sympathizes. This is their terrific master plan. Hee haw.

What to do? Since Republicans will be blamed anyway, I say let's protect Cain until there is some concrete evidence he did something wrong. He's innocent until proven guilty, isn't he?