Friday, June 2, 2017

The Suicidal White Left


by Tom Wise

Kathy Griffin posing with a simulated severed head of Donald Trump is a federal crime.
It's not free speech, and every person knows it.
It's a threat, a treachery, propaganda, and treason.
She must be insane for publicity if she is sane at all.
If not, she seeks her own demise, publicly and legally.

There's more to it, though.
That is an ISIS pose she struck.
Like Jihadi John, she is a terrorist, aiming to put fear into hearts.
She admitted to wanting Barron Trump frightened.
Obviously, she also believes President Trump will feel some fear from her.
She is demented, is she not?
Furthermore, the "stunt" as it were proves to those on the Left she means business.
This is a warning also to those on the Left who would "betray" her and the "cause."
Anderson Cooper should watch his back.
Or will he turn back to her?
Wait and see.

ISIS is howling with glee at our weakness in not arresting Griffin.
ISIS and any other Islamic country or organization would've done the right thing, and brought her to justice.
We do not.
By doing nothing, we prove to the Left and ISIS they can go further.
Why are we doing nothing?
Is this the plan?

Kathy Griffin threw in with ISIS with this fake decapitation.
This agrees with many whites on the Left who have already or will now join an ISIS-like anti-American terrorism.
Whether the ISIS-imitating "antifa" or the red-flag-waving Bill-Ayers-led communists, their numbers are growing.
They bloat with our inaction.
They drool for our essence, our natural resources and weapons.

However, they shall not get them.
Not because the sane whites on the Left, Right, and in the middle will stop them.
Oh no.
But rather because we will NOT stop these traitors to country and race.
Then, the Islamic militants who have been allowed to enter, settle, and train in the USA will come to life.
I would like to say we will beat them back, but we can't even beat back Kathy Griffin!
She is the epitome of ISIS behavior, and she walks free.
ISIS has little to fear, I think.

The Left has whipped up hysteria so that our friends, family, and neighbors believe Donald Trump is the insane one.
The only insanity I see, however, is in letting these people get away with it.
Where are the arrests for sedition against the likes of Kathy Griffin, Snoop Dogg, and Madonna?
You may call them "has-beens" but the Left calls them "heroes."
When you permit scum to be heroes, you get revolution.
By doing nothing, we are begging for it.

The white Left is suicidal because they invite ISIS into the very place they said should be safe for women and gays.
The white Left is suicidal because they think their lives will be uninterrupted by invaders and savages.
The white Left is suicidal for putting trust in godless men who want to nuke Mars and create other dimensions at CERN.
The white RIGHT, however, is suicidal for not putting a stop to this!

In every case, this is the REAL white privilege: to think anything goes and there will be no suffering for it.
There WILL be suffering.
There will be world war and local war, skirmishes and riots.
There will be chemical warfare and germ warfare, dirty bombs and suitcase bombs.
There will be patricide and matricide, fratricide and suicide.
There will be increased chemical dependency and apathy.
The Overton Window and normalcy bias will register off the charts.

If you cannot understand what I'm saying, there's something wrong with you.
If you cannot believe what I'm saying, I feel sorry for you but I also am very angry with you.
If America will not come together, America will be dragged apart.
That's all there is to it.
We live or die TOGETHER.
If not, our enemies will take our natural resources, and kill us with our own weapons.
This is and has been their plan from the start.

What do you think the Left's obsession with our guns and atomic weapons is all about?
What do you think the Left's obsession with our carbon and climate is all about?
What do you think the Left's obsession with education is all about?
They want the weapons and resources, and will do anything to win.

There is no option.
The Left is obviously suicidal.
However, they will not simply go away and leave us in charge.
They want to take us with them!
Therefore, by whatever means necessary, we must stop their suicidal march into oblivion.