Monday, August 29, 2011

Green Space Aliens to Destroy Man to Save Earth

by Tom Wise

Need I elaborate? OK, I'll take the bait.

There are space aliens. There are green environmental space aliens. These aliens are appalled by our "global warming problem." They are angry or worried, and are ready/willing/able to exterminate mankind to ensure the Earth's security.

Logic 1: If these aliens are green, why are they willing to commit genocide? Sounds like these aliens are more like "red" Communists (shades of "Invaders From Mars"!). Isn't it more logical that these aliens will destroy humanity in order to conquer the Earth, and are only using "global warming" as the moral justification?*

Logic 2: How will cleansing mankind from the Earth make the planet any less distressed? Wouldn't it be wiser and nobler for these aliens, endowed with superior technology and obviously brilliant perception, to equip mankind with better energy sources and pollution mitigation? They come such a long distance with weaponry but no ideas?*

Logic 3: How does "global warming" affect beings on other planets? Is there "universal warming"? They're so compassionate just to come to our rescue! But hey! Stop pointing that gun at me!*

*Oh, wait, that applies to progressives also!

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