Monday, August 29, 2011

Which are the peaceful Muslims and which are the violent Muslims?

by Tom Wise

Why did those Muslims1 go on a rampage after the Pope said that Islam included, from the start, evil and inhuman things?

Why did those Muslims shoot at and firebomb many places, especially churches?

Why is this pattern repeated every time someone criticizes Islam?

Doesn't that prove the point?

Isn't it supreme irony that those Muslims PROVE the very thing which they protest?

Isn’t it strange that a violent protest follows a charge of violence?

The Pope did not “spread hate.”

The Pope did not lie, he told the truth.

Those Muslims “protested” the truth.

It IS truth because those Muslims prove it by their actions, not because the Pope said it.

No one forced those Muslims to become violent.

Should we expect Christians to start witch hunts when the history of witch hunts is mentioned?

Should we expect Christians to become barbaric when some say they are or were?

No, because we know Christianity has become mostly CIVILIZED.

That Islam1 is NOT civilized.

Not in its speech.

Not in its actions.

Not even in its supposed religious principles.

Or the way it treats women.

Or children.

Or even other Muslims.

Those Muslims are NOT civilized.

Nor do we EXPECT them to be.

We are not surprised by their reactions.

We're USED to their actions.

We KNOW they are not civilized.

We KNOW they are barbaric.

That's why the media painted the Pope as wrong.

That's why people say, “Why do you have to upset them?”

Because civilized Christianity should “know better” than to antagonize those Muslims.

If this were a domestic situation, husband and wife, who would tolerate this?

“Oh, my husband gets mad when I say this or that.”

“You better not say it then, or else he will be justified in his attacks on you, no matter how savage.”

The victim is the true perpetrator?

The friend of the wife-beater is the voice of reason?

No, it is abuse.

It is a toxic relationship.

Isn’t it illegal?




And abusers cannot be changed by niceness.

Or acquiescence.

Or tough talk.

Or even fighting back.

No, the abuser won't change.

The abuser wants power.

Power over YOU.

To rule YOU.

To control YOU.

Imagine, Western Civilization, that you are married to that Islam.

Those Muslims are your husband.

Sometimes, there is peace but it is uneasy.

One wrong move, one word out of place, and BANG!




Would you stick around?

Would you blame yourself?

Wouldn’t your decisions be considered unhealthy?

Isn’t this relationship unstable?

Wouldn’t you want someone on your side?

Why then would you blame the Pope for being on your side?

“Oh, but the Pope INSTIGATED my husband.”

No, those Muslims were PREDISPOSED to be this way.

READY to be this way.

Even WANT to be this way.

They don't WANT to change.

They don't WANT to be nice.

They LIKE it this way.

If this was your husband, I hope you would say he is psychotic.



You cannot civilize him.

Know this, as a battered wife knows it.

It's just going to go on and on.

The media should say, “Those Muslims are a violent lot.”

Does the media think that by being silent, those Muslims will smile?

That by changing a few words those Muslims will be placated?



This treatment won’t change them.

They don't WANT to change.

You can't ignore them either.

They WANT to take over your life.

They STALK you.

They will KILL you.

They said so!

They keep saying so.

Why does the media keep defending them?

Why was the Pope “wrong”?

Why were the Danish cartoonists “wrong”?

Answer: they were not wrong.

Why is the media defending those Muslims?

Answer: the media is afraid.

The media and others think they can “make friends” with the those Muslims.

And those Muslims smile and call them “friend.”

Watch your back, media, because those Muslims are not right in the head.

You’re NEXT.

In pity, the media says, “What about Christian terrorists?”

Assuming you have some equivalency case, are you admitting Muslim violence?

If you are bringing into the mix Christian terrorists (who?), you are.

You are saying that both are bad.

Aren’t you?

Are you saying Christian terrorists are bad but Muslim terrorists are good?


That they don’t exist?

It’s good to hold the Christian to a high standard.

Why not do the same for Islam?

Because you have a double standard.

Because you fear those Muslims but not those Christians.

By your actions, you ADMIT it.

You actually AGREE with the Pope.

Your fear is the proof.

You DO believe those Muslims are uncivilized.

You are “prejudiced.”
But don't worry, because your prejudice is just good instinct.

You're RIGHT!

Don’t change your fear to guilt.

You have nothing about which to feel guilty.

You didn’t make those Muslims savage.

They declared their war.

And it is a war.

And it is part of their religion.

What part of “holy war” don't you understand?

They have already stated their intent to rule the world.

Including YOUR world.

Without free speech.

Without freedom of the press.

Without homosexuals.

Without feminists.

This is NOT a Christian utopia but a Muslim MANIFESTO.

Will you JOIN them?

Aren't you Jewish?

Or Christian?

Or atheist?

None of your beliefs will be permitted under that Islam.

Aren't you freedom-loving?


Peaceful and non-violent?

None of this will be permitted under that Islam.

Will you join them?

Guess what?

They probably don’t want you.

They probably will still kill you.

You probably will have to kill those Muslims.

This is not savage.

This is survival.

This is not an offensive strategy.

This is not hate.

This is defensive.

I reject that Islam.

I also reject atheism when it is militant or communist.

I also reject fake Christianity when it is anti-Semitic.

Do you think I am exaggerating the situation?



Read documented accounts from around the world.

See what those Muslims do to their victims.

See the torture.

See the killing.

See the slavery.

It is not far from Nazism,

or Genghis Khan,

or Attila the Hun.

Read UN reports, if you don't trust American sources.

Read European newspapers.

Read about Pakistan.








See the terrorism.

Who are the terrorists mainly?

Those Muslims.

Is this your brave new world?

It is not romantic.

It is not brave, or new.

It is a cowardly, barbaric, OLD world.

Those Muslims will not emotionally or intellectually or spiritually advance.

You can't change them.

They won’t change.

You know it.

You show it by your fear of them.

You can't stop them.

You know it.

You show it by your kowtowing.

You can't join them.

You know it.

Why stand by?

Stand up!

Fight back!

Soon will be violence of this type throughout the West.

The militia will become very important again.

Militia as in the Constitution of the United States.

Every able-bodied man.

Even the rednecks.

Will you say that defenders of your rights are wrong?

Will you say that the Western way of life has inflamed those Muslims?

If you say the West is at fault, I brand you communist.

Beware, people, the fusion of those Muslims and communism.

The coddling of the terrorist (and the communist) must end today.

No more silence.

No more soft wording.

No more equivocation or moral relativity.

We should not appease abusive husbands.

We should not appease tyrants.

History shows it never works.

Experience shows it never works.

Do not appease.

Speak up!

1 When I say “those Muslims” and “that Islam” I mean the 10% of Muslims who believe in world domination through cleansing of the infidel and destruction of Western Civilization. Since there are 1.5 billion Muslims, this equals 150 million “master racists.” This explanation is not an apology. If 90% of Muslims are peaceful, they will not become savage by my words. If any do turn violent, it only proves the percentage of peaceful Muslims to be less than I think. Instead, I am issuing a warning. 100 million savage Muslims is a huge number. Not 100 million “disappointed Christians” who protest abortion, but 100 million violent, terrorist, bloody Muslims who will kill you without blinking. This includes not just terrorist organizations but sympathizers and those ready to join jihad once enough ground has been won by the “pioneers” in that “holy war.” But let’s not forget Sharia Law. It’s interesting that defenders of the barbaric Sharia Law cite the Bible as proof that they’re not doing anything strange. In fact, this idea of a “cleansed society” is often used to tout Sharia Law. However, there is a long entanglement to that argument, ending with the necessity to say, “Who made you boss?” Only the point of the sword, of course. Christianity is no longer a violent evangelizer, and Judaism has for millennia been peaceful. This means Sharia Law is, at best, behind the times. Since a large percentage of Muslims are in favor of Sharia Law, “those Muslims” and “that Islam” goes up proportionately, even if these same people have no interest in international terrorism.

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