Monday, September 19, 2011

Annex Mexico

by Tom Wise

Consider our American southern border. We have not a defense there, but a sieve. We also have increasing violence at that border, spilling into at least Texas and Arizona. Criminals enter, and some or many cause mayhem within the United States. Cartels employ human mules to carry their trade to a waiting clientele. Human slavery follows as mule organizers decide to make their own dirty centavo by continued oppression of these poor souls. Reports of Hezbollah involvement with drug cartels doubles the danger. Our Mexican-American border is now a cesspool of murder, violence, drugs, slavery, smuggling, terrorist plotting, and other illegal and immoral activity. Our border defense is a joke.

The solution is simple but hard. We should immediately offer the people of Mexico a choice, with a brief window of opportunity and permanent consequence. If they will rise up against their corrupt government and the drug cartels, we will offer every assistance, military and moral. In the end, Mexico would become part of America. If not, the United States must build a wall of defense so impenetrable and guarded that Mexico would literally be quarantined, subject to even more rapid demise from within.


(1) Mexicans come to America every day not only for the prospect of opportunity but also to escape fear. Their country is essentially on fire. Whether or not my offer is accepted, the Mexican people must show a backbone. It is the only road to their self-empowerment and real freedom. I think no reasonable person would argue this is necessary.

(2) Assuming they cannot accomplish this on their own, legal attachment (annexation) to the United States has many attractive features which benefit every Mexican and every American.

(3) Through annexation, the American border is in real terms moved southward to the line between Mexico and Guatemala. This stretch of 541 miles should be much easier to defend than the current 1969 miles between Mexico and the United States. At present, antiquated treaties with Mexico prevent the United States from adequately protecting even its own border.

(4) Through annexation, all Mexican illegal immigrants automatically become American citizens, as would all citizens of Mexico. This is not amnesty but auto-citizenship by fiat. This also solves grievances concerning the possession of the southwestern United States. One for all, all for one. Naturally, prejudices and old hatreds must be alleviated, but this would likely be motivated forward by exactly such a plan.

(5) Through annexation, Mexico becomes lawfully eligible for military intervention against cartels, terrorists, and other enemies of peace and freedom. The Mexican people should likely welcome this. Presupposing marijuana can be decriminalized, the cartels can simultaneously be weakened; if not, smuggling will continue as big business.

(6) Through annexation, Mexico's natural resources become available for a united people. (1) Oil. Naturally, the current market system, wherein America buys back its own oil from multinationals, must be reworked. Nationalization, however, is not the answer. Instead, "first rights" must be implemented for the good and security of the United States. Presupposing that the Federal Reserve can be reined in, increased natural resources equals less inflation and a stronger currency, and minimizes any need to protect oil interests halfway across the world. (2) Land. Currently, foreigners cannot but lease property in Mexico. Mexicans should have the right to sell their property to whomever they like.

While the idea is simple, it’s hard. First, would Mexico agree? Second, would the United States government ever have the guts to suggest such a thing? Third, would our politically correct society think it feasible or compassionate? Fourth, it appears imperialistic (though libertarianism only works when borders are secure). However, I'm not speaking of conquest and exploitation (the history of Mexico) but of dual salvation. Mexico's release from bondage (with a price tag) is America's freedom from border insecurity.

Before full dismissal, remember that America was not always 50 states. It has been built by settlement, purchase, and even war. As recently as 1959, Alaska and Hawaii became stars on the flag. The United States currently has many territories, including Puerto Rico and Guam. Cuba itself was once American-owned. If one can erase the thought that America is “complete” or that it has no further land mass beyond the 50 states, annexation of Mexico is perfectly reasonable. Another clue that such a union is within the realm of moral possibility: the Monroe Doctrine was conceived to protect our hemisphere (though not always used for that purpose).

What is the alternative? Shall we allow Mexico to destroy itself? Shall we turn a blind eye and think it proper? Shall we build a wall? If so, when will that be finished? In fact, to ignore the reality of Mexico's violence and the continuing influx of illegal immigrants is not compassion but foolishness. Will it be real enough when Mexican civil war breaks out? When cartels set up compounds in America? When Hezbollah explodes a bomb in El Paso?

It's time to think big. Perhaps my idea has flaws. Perhaps it’s too idealistic. But it's an idea. Let's discuss it.

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  1. I should add:

    (1) It's not as if Mexico would be against strengthening their border with Guatemala, which has its own illegal immigration issues, including the vicious gang MS-13, comprised mainly of Guatemalans, Hondurans, and Salvadorans.

    (2) Through annexation, transnational corporations based in Mexico would be under US tax law and have to pay their fair share, which at present they do not.

    (3) Both economies would be bolstered, Mexico for increased investment and tourism, USA by eliminating the money funnel presently facilitated by Western Union money-grams from migrants workers back to Mexico. Through annexation, that would no longer constitute a loss of American dollars.

    (4) The sex slave trade between the US and Mexico would be decreased dramatically since females would not be subject to giving up everything for a precious border crossing.

    I'm sure you can think of many more benefits.