Friday, September 16, 2011

A Reminiscence from 2004: A Case For War

by Tom Wise
Originally published October 2004.
I would  like to make a case for war (which I am normally against). It is clear to me that the United States is embroiled in a struggle of ideologies, but it is not a contest between America and the Middle East, with the victor controlling oil supplies and/or Jerusalem. It is, plain and simple, a war to stem the spread of a dangerous and violent world-view, that of the Islamic extremist. This is the threat we, the United States, are nearly singlehandedly attempting to thwart. The rest of the world, except for a few good allies, is either absent or in league with the enemy, and this includes our "friends" in Western Europe.
Why do I make a case FOR war? Two reasons:
First, I think the global conflict in which we're engaged is absolutely necessary, even if not "winnable" in the conventional sense.
Second, I think that history has proven that our most recent global ideological conflict, freedom v. totalitarian communism, was a SUCCESS!
Of the latter, let me say this, and spin some heads around: we did NOT lose in Vietnam! The recent developments in the Communist world point to a disintegrating fabric for Communism as we knew it. Our involvements in the cold war with Russia, the Korean War, Vietnam, Angola, Cuba (Kennedy), and even the CIA's involvement in Central and South America (Nicaragua, Chile, et al) have led to such historic moments as the fall of the Berlin Wall, Solidarinosc in Poland, the breakup of the Soviet Union and the independence of its orbital nations, and the rise of “capitalism” in China. Perhaps we did not receive a signed document of unconditional surrender from the North Vietnamese, but we have seen a cessation of communism's spread throughout the world. Even if it has never been exterminated as a governing dictum, the overpowering world-views of Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, and Castro have been brought to a cooler temperature (for now).
Since this is the probable turn of events as regards the free nations' struggle v. communism, then there is a hope of eventual victory v. Islamic extremism (and terrorism in general) by the methodical, and sometimes intense, crushing of this other world view which threatens the freedom of mankind. If this shall be termed a "new Crusades," then so be it. However, it is not Christianity v. Islam, but Liberty taking on Enslavement, and in this is no difference between today's involvement in Iraq (and tomorrow's in Iran) and prior world struggles against communism, fascism (Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, to name a few), or the concept of "divine royalty" (American Revolution, French Revolution, et al). If the victory shall take 50 years, then it is no longer than mankind's struggle against many other enslavements. Therefore, the current conflict is ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY, and I am as much for it as I would be for ridding the Earth of Nazism, military dictatorship, or human sacrifice.
While this is the "golden arch" under which our actions must be judged (that endangerment to world liberty must be met head on), there is a certain argument put forth which explains the conflict quite differently: that it is an imperialistic war for oil. Quickly, let's settle this issue. Oil is plentiful closer to home, whether in the United States, Mexico, or Venezuela. If the objective is oil, what a waste of time and life.
Can we win this war? Biblically speaking, it is unclear. God will make Ishmael (the Arabs) a great nation. But he (and his descendants) will be a "wild man; his hand will be against every man, and every man against him." (Gen 16:12) This might describe world conquerors such as Attila, Genghis Khan, or Hitler, but the Arab extremists (a huge population) are unique in that (1) they have world domination in view, (2) they come from a wild nomadic background, and (3) they even have massacres among themselves (Sunni/ Shiite). God says, "I have blessed him, and will make him fruitful, and multiply him exceedingly; twelve princes will he beget, and I will make him a great nation." (Gen. 17:20) With the discovery of Mid-East oil, this has been fulfilled. It may well be that the last stand is against this "wild man.”
Geopolitically speaking, Islamic extremism is a huge crisis out of control. The Sudan is the current battlefield in Africa, and will likely spread south if undeterred. Indonesia and Malaysia gird the east end of Asia, making Southeast Asia the next battlefield. Turkey, the gateway to Europe, is under increasing pressure. Chechnya is the key to Russia's fall to Islam. Europe is ripe for picking through both their humanistic shrugging of shoulders and their cowardly caving. Even America is poised for problems from within (black Muslims) and without (illegal border crossings).
Another question might arise: "Has communism REALLY been checked?" After all, North Korea is still a major threat, Venezuela continues to hassle us from nearby, and the rest of Latin America is constantly in a battle between Marxism, dictatorship, and narc-ocracy. These are real threats, but the fact is that militaristic Islam is spreading faster than communism. We may oust totalitarianism, but the price we pay is that Islamic extremism fills the political vacuum.
The Islamic community has voiced its opinion, that not ALL Islam is extremism. This is true but even peaceful Islam is being swallowed by violent Islam. Thus, we must take action based on REALITY and not stand still in the hopes that Islam will "straighten itself out." This is not a "holy war" for either side; this is a war for domination of the world. The future is more likely to be a petroleum theocracy rather than communist atheism. The parallels to end-times as narrated in the Book of Revelation (and Daniel) is remarkable: one world religion (Islam), one world currency (the gold Islamic dinar, which is being pushed within the Islamic community worldwide), and one world economy (oil). If you think this is far-fetched, take a look around.

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