Friday, September 16, 2011

A Reminiscence from 2004: Genetic Islamic Extremism

by Tom Wise

Originally published October 2004.

Should we attack Iran? How are we doing in Iraq? There are two schools of thought on this, at least in the classroom of MY head. First, the insurgents in Iraq are diminishing in number because we're capturing or killing them. Second, the insurgents are NOT diminishing and will increase in number despite our best efforts to gain control of the area. As to the first, it's not shown up in the evidence. As to the second, the evidence is still coming in. For the most part, here's how we can break it down: sometimes our initiatives cause the groundswell of terrorism to abate, sometimes it doesn't. Depending on when you say the words, the talk of winning this war is either true or not true. So now, what is the truth? The first piece of evidence (Exhibit A) is that militant Islamic terrorism is not limited to exists in Iran, Lebanon, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Indonesia and elsewhere. The second (exhibit B) is that Islam is spreading throughout the world. Exhibit A shows clearly that winning the war in Iraq does not rid the world of havens for terrorism. Exhibit B shows clearly that the "army" from which Islamic terrorism can recruit is growing. Thus, with only these pieces of evidence (basically, these are facts, not opinions or assumptions), we can see that our efforts are tiny in comparison to the problem, even if our firepower is awesome and our will is strong. So, what about Iran in particular? Even if we take out both Iraq and Iran, the other havens will exist and the possible recruiting base grows. The liberals are correct about one thing-- we ARE inflaming them. However, if we do NOTHING, they will not leave us alone for that much longer. Let's be real. These people ARE different on the inside from us-- it's their culture, maybe even their genes. As different as "ghetto" is from "whitebread." Taking out Iraq and Iran does remove some of the problem, but only temporarily, for we still have to deal with the other havens and the newly-inflamed recruits, INCLUDING those out for revenge because we killed their relatives. Unlike our culture, they look at war as a PERSONAL thing. It's not ideological to them. They are on the same level of cultural snobbery as Hitler. They believe Jews are inferior, and in fact refuse to even recognize their existence except as something to exterminate. They think Americans and even most Europeans are evil and in league with Satan. They think they're RIGHT! They're not criminals who know "the law" and are trying to "get away with a crime." They are not "revolutionaries" who are "bucking the system." That latter notion is a liberal mindset because they can only think of American flag-burning through the eyes of civil disobedience, in protesting American policy. It's an immature structure built on the 1960s when flag-burning meant draft-dodging, war-protesting, and other peace movements. The liberals think that the Arabs are peaceful people who just want an end to war. The liberals think that the Arabs identify with them. The liberals are sick in the head that way. In a way, Islam has awakened the world to how sick it really is. It forces the liberal to see that not all anti-American rhetoric is meant in the name of building a stronger America. It forces the homosexuals to see that America, even with its problems, is better than living under Muslim rule, because their lifestyle would never be tolerated as it is here (and in other parts of the world). It forces the feminist to see that all the burning bras in the world are not going to change the mind of the Arab man. Where were the feminists applauding the USA when Afghani women voted? In short, taking out both Iraq and Iran will not stop the Arabs from thinking that they're right. The Islamic world is now beyond the borders of the Arab world, but the Arab mind is being transferred along with it. In Sudan, tribal warfare has become the type of extermination usually seen by Nazis. In Indonesia, bombings where before only the pleasant sway of Balinese culture existed. In the Netherlands, intolerance where tolerance was the world's bellweather. The spread of Islam is not a religion melding into a culture, it is a culture itself. It is the Arab culture, anti-American, anti-Jew, strict in punishment, severe in law, hateful in revenge, disgusting in war. The emblem of this culture is Yassir Arafat and also Osama bin Laden. They represent, to many people, the way that a true Arab acts. Ironically, money (Mammom), which has funded these villains, can be their only downfall, for the lure of lucre swindles everyone of dignity, honor, and honesty, even that of an Arafat. It seems clear to me that the US military is not going to topple the spread of this new type of Nazi. Nor will it be the indignation of the world, which is being colored more Islam every day. Even the corruption of the principal players may not do it, for the followers of radical Islam are not poor sheep, like Jim Jones' Guyana or Manson's clan. There are TONS of wild-eyed Arabs who are ready, willing, and able to take over Zarqawi's role or bin Laden's status. Perhaps they would even do these things WITHOUT a leader. We assume their leaders propel them onwards. What if they are just...that...way? Then what?

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