Wednesday, September 28, 2011

We're All Ignorant Now

by Tom Wise

Pardon me while I put on my "superior" cap. OK, ready...

What's going on in the world? Marxism.

Wall Street protests? Marxism.

Islamic fascism? Marxism.

Unemployment for 99 weeks + ? Marxism.

Invasion of Libya? Marxism.

China going to be the dominant economy? Marxism.

A silent and docile media? Marxism.

Class warfare? Marxism.

RINO Republicans? Marxism.

Anti-Israel sentiment? Marxism.

Anti-capitalist sentiment? Marxism.

Hezbollah in Cuba? Marxism.

Flotilla to Gaza? Marxism.

Is there any trouble in the world not Marxist? Sure.

Crony capitalism. Um... no, that's a combination of state power mixed with corporate goodies. Marxism.

Genocide in the Sudan. Um... no, that's militant ethnic cleansing based on false premises derived from Islam. I'm gonna call that Marxism.

Tyranny. Forerunner of Marxism.

Muslim Brotherhood. Marxism.

Back to basics, I guess.

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