Friday, September 16, 2011

Sarah Palin: Conservative Hero

by Tom Wise

I am a conservative. There, I said it. I’m out of the closet. I am who I am. I might even claim that I was born this way. Yes, I used to be a liberal but one day I woke up and realized that I couldn’t live a lie anymore.

I am now willing to be shunned by society, friends and family. I will take the snide comments, rude barbs, and tarnished labels. I know I will be called names like “neocon” and “Zionist” and “puppet of the rich.” For all intents and purposes, I am now a maligned segment of the population.

I expect even that soon and forthwith will come accusations that I hate minorities, the poor, and Social Security. Perhaps I will even hear that a concentration camp is too good for me. As a Jew, that will be doubly repulsive to me.

But I do not want nor require any pity or government aid. In fact, as a conservative, I insist that it all be withheld. I do not want to be seen as a victim. I need no group to take up my plight. All I ask is a fair shake.

My hero is Sarah Palin. She has illuminated that an out-of-the-closet, flaming conservative can beat the odds. She is unabashedly in-your-face conservative. She has proven once and for all that you don't have to compete with liberals in order to validate your worth. Even surrounded by haters, it’s worth it to be the person I was born to be. Thank you, Sarah.

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