Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Chris Krispy Kreme (Chris Christie)

by Tom Wise

As a snack, Krispy Kreme is a delight to many. It epitomizes the American way of life in that it's sweet to the taste, filled with empty calories, and can be had in many flavors.

To each his own, but not as it concerns the welfare of the body.

Chris Christie has his sweet moments, such as when he tells a constituent to "mind your own business" as it concerns the education of his children. But the outer crust is flaky. Out of the donut parlance, Christie has quite a few RINO (Republican in name only) attributes. For example, his stand on global warming is alarming in that he would offer legislation to combat it. In this way, Christie is co-opted by Marxist desires.

Christie is also not very nutritious. Sure, he's limited some teacher's unions, but the state of New Jersey is not exactly financially on best legs. There is a vacuousness to his aggressiveness. Not that I oppose the abolition of the federal Dept of Education, or even organized education on a state level - yippee! let's get 'er done. But now what? Christie's ideas concerning replacement education is almost anachronistic, and certainly unoriginal. Why is that important? Because either the old ways have not worked or shown themselves to be unable to pass Senates. At the very least, a Presidential candidate needs to have a grasp on national policy, if only for the veto. Christie in this regard is weak or, as he says, inexperienced.

As to flavors, Christie appears to have a sliver of the appeaser in him. "What?!," you cry, "Christie is single-minded and Teddy-Rooseveltian." Consider this: perhaps he's just loud. In a sea of civil Republican tongues, that may sound enticing but, if volume equals ability, Bernie Sanders or Barnie Frank ought to be genius-in-charge. Don't get me wrong: I like fun fatties like Jackie Gleason and Chris Farley, but I like them because they're great at clowning. Is Christie a box office smash because he makes us smile, or does the scriptwriting have substance?

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