Friday, September 16, 2011

Blast from the Past 2004: John Kerry is a Right-Winger!

by Tom Wise

Originally published October 2004.

John Kerry is a right-winger. He's so far Left he's actually Right. Consider:

1) He is an imperialist. I don't mean in the manner that he imitated George Bush ("we will hunt down and kill terrorists"). This is not imperialism anyway, this is just life as we know it. I mean that Kerry is part of the Heinz empire which, by necessity, must capture land from farmers, rape it with agricorporate aplomb, and then discard it as useless and move on once it has depleted every square inch.

2) He is a square capitalist, and no hippie. His Left side may be overgrown, but Kerry is part of the Establishment, which is Heinz, Washington DC, and the American Bar Assn. He ain't growin' organic tomatoes, he ain't showin' up for Congress to 'rock the vote' on Capitol Hill, and he ain't representin' penniless anarchists. His vice-president would be about the most clean-cut bubble-gummer since Bobby Sherman, and yet another lawyer.

3) He is a warmonger, voting for Iraqi action, and promising "more of the same" if elected. The difference between Kerry and Bush is that Bush knows first-hand (oil business, 4 years in the White House) how the Arabs work and what they're up to.

4) He is a fascist, who facilitates (with his wife) the organized protest and boycott of the Republican National Convention, Christian broadcasting, and an anti-Kerry show called "Stolen Honor" with tactics that are so beyond American "free speech" that it borders on being a Nazi. His idea of free speech is that he can attack and nobody may attack him. His actions, those of his campaign, and those of his followers are CENSORSHIP and MEDIA CONTROL, both ills usually blamed on RIGHT-wingers!

5) He has delusions of Right grandeur, going so far as to purchase a gun for goose-hunting. Ha!

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